Token Vault

When it comes to taking part in an upcoming token sale — a number of questions are raised by the more classical style of investor. The main one, we found, regarded the process of setting up the Ethereum wallet to hold the tokens, waiting for blocks to load and securing addresses, private keys, and passwords.

Now, here’s the thing. If you don’t understand most of the terms above, never mind actually having to set a digital wallet up, then you are not alone. Although you can assure confidence in people around this idea with a short, informed conversation — this doesn’t make it any less cumbersome or easy to understand; and if you do not understand something it is hard to place your trust in it.

We keep hearing time and again from non-techy, everyday, people that they want to know more about blockchain, and to start being involved in this fast-moving space. The problem they have is a lack of understanding and trust.

For us — working on blockchain should reduce barriers to entry for all, not create them; it should be an unobtrusive solution to a problem or help make that entry easier — so we’ve been working hard to bridge this knowledge and trust gap and create a simple way for investors to purchase, hold, trade and invest their tokens.

We did this by creating the BCDC Token Vault. This is a simple yet ultra-secure web-based platform which is as easy to use as logging into your email. Traditional and new investors can take confidence that their tokens are recorded in a secure fashion on the blockchain, whilst the vault provides a viewing window for them to keep an eye on their assets.

On the first day of the token sale — which is Nov 21st — you’ll be able to login to your vault and interact with your tokens, with less hassle than ever before.