Our token supply will be allocated as follows:1 Billion Token Supply.
Token Dumps
A very small but immoral group of founders (usually scam Token Sales/ITS’s) have been dumping tokens on the market straight after a Token Sale/ITS. This devalues investors trust and degrades our industry reputation.
To avoid this:
Token Locked
Technical Team Members token will be locked up to 1 month.
Founders tokens will be locked for 12 months.
multi sign wallet
Token Locking enforced by a multi sign wallet only. that will own by Multiple team members. single transaction will need multiple permission to pass thrue.
Token Sale
Technical team member will be able to sale 25% of their tokens each month, post locking period. Founders will only be able to sale their tokens on the market at 25% per quarter over a two-year time frame
BCDC Token-Purchase Information
Sale Dates Pre-Sale 1st Oct – 20th Nov 23.00 GMT Main- Sale 21st Nov – 27th Nov
1 ETH Secures Contact For Details. Pre-Sale Discount Given Will Depend On Purchase Amount. 400 BCDC Tokens per ETH
(if Ether is at £200 = £0.50 each)
How will the funds be held & secured after the ITS?
50% of funds (the Development Fund) collected during this sale will be deposited in a law office client account.
The Development Fund will ONLY be spent on the development cost of building the multiple blockchains application we have planned. Multiple authorisations will be required to release development funds on a monthly basis after receipt of the prior months costs and the next projected months costs and adherence to the finance and timescale roadmap.
The remaining 50% of funds will be deposited in BlockChain Development Companies corporate account and will be used for the cost of building our first renewable energy project and day to day running of the BCDC business, i.e. wages, administration, marketing, financial and legal costs.
All the funds will be audited and a report will be available to investors via our accounts and legal team.
Read more about the BCDC ITS token?
Contact BCDC
Blockchain Development Company
272 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 4JR
Office Hours:09.00 to 17.00 (Mon to Fri)