We believe everyone was horrified and offended when news of the Horse Meat scandal broke in the UK and Europe. It eroded the covenant of trust we had with almost every food manufacturer. Everyone now questioned if the food they were bought was what it said on the label. Everyone is now a little more suspicious about the fact that their organic produce may not be organic or the meat they buy is not what they think it is.

Because of this we are developing the blockchain, Ethereum based application which will provide an online, fraud-free, food tracking system from farm to store. This will give confidence back to consumers that the produce/meat they are buying is truly what it says on the label.

It will also allow consumers to check the validity of local produce claims.

With the help of our application and online interface, consumers will be able to check online exactly where their food has come from; all the way through the food chain which will be tracked using both photographic and digital tracking data. This data will be uploaded to the blockchain through each step of the food chain process. This data is then immutable and fraud free.

This application will also help investigators if there was ever a future food scare. Investigators would be able to check, immediately, exactly where a tracked piece of food came from and where it had been through its process cycle.

(Once the food provenance part of this business is active using smart contracts and blockchain tech; it can then be targeted at any high value retail assets in transit or through their life cycle)

Blockchain infrastructure build and implementation period – Immediately after EcoChain and RecycleToCoin launch. Estimated build time of 18 to 24 months.

We will then concentrate on building DApps for the following industry sectors:
Mortgages & Housing Rental Market. Counter Party Risk / Credit Insurance. Decentralised Sales Platforms. Job Market & Recruitment.

FoodTrax Diagram