Frequently Asked Questions
What do BCDC stand for?
How was BCDC formed?
Who are BCDC comprised of?
What is the BCDC foundation?
What can the BCDC token be used for?
What projects can I expect to see next from BCDC?
What makes BCDC more trustworthy than other ICOs?

What is blockchain?
How could blockchain improve provenance?
What is Ethereum?

BCDC Tokens and Token sale
What makes BCDC’s smart contracts unique and secure?
How can I get involved?
As an Early & Pre-Sale purchaser. When will I receive my BCDC Tokens?
How do I set up an Ethereum wallet?
How many tokens are being sold?
How many tokens are available to the public?
How many tokens are available to the BCDC team?
How are the funds raised going to be used?

Security & Legal
What is the legal status of BCDC?
What is the best way to keep my tokens secure?