BCDC Tokens can be purchased directly from us below. Our tokens can be used to offset your family's annual plastic footprint in our Global Plastic Offset Scheme. You can also use them to offset your company's annual plastic footprint and become a Plastic Neutral Organisation.

Our utility tokens can also be bought directly from us and used to access our renewable energy crowdfunding platform - EcoChain.

The tokens are utility and access tokens for our current and future environmental and humanitarian platforms. However, we do understand that people can, and do, purchase them for their future rise in value - which you are free to do if you wish.

Our token was designed to support and improve environmental change, rather than to make a profit. Having said that; we cannot enforce what you do with your tokens. Once you buy them they are yours to do with as you please.

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BCDC Tokens

The BCDC token is an access and utility token which has value, allowing purchasers to access investment projects from around the world, gain return from recycling and offset their annual plastic footprint.


Purchase Tokens
Purchasing BCDC tokens is easy. You can buy them using cash or ether. Use them to access our platforms, or hold onto them to realise a return from the coin value over time
BCDC Token Vault

The safe way to store your purchased tokens. No need to set up a wallet, we’ll do it for you with this simple yet ultra-secure web-based wallet which is as easy to use as logging into your email.


Purchasing Tokens is easy, follow these three steps to get involved:

600 BCDC Tokens = £300

Payee Name: Blockchain Development Company
(Within the UK - 82-20-00, 60135016) (Outwith the UK - IBAN: GB82CLYD82200060135016 BIC: CLYDGB21450)

You can check the equivalent cash value of one ETHER here:https://ethereumprice.org/

Please set your name as the transfer reference. When you’ve made your payment, please follow up with an email to tokenpurchase@bcdc.online to confirm your deposit value and token amount. We will then share your token vault access codes.

600 BCDC Tokens per ETH